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Package of services for holders card “VIP-CLIENT”

The list of services "Your Family"

  • Organization of the transfer (airport Alicante, train station and bus station).
  • The housekeeping services: babysitter, cook, gardener etc.)..
  • Organization of the vacation. Help in the selection of excursions and cruises.
  • Booking of hotels and car.
  • Booking of tickets in theatres, restaurants, museums, exhibitions, cultural and sports activities.


*payment at the rates of the professionals providing these services.

The list of services "Your Home"

  • Take care of Your property during Your absence (checking the mailbox, checking communications, ventilation).
  • The organization of renting Your property..
  • Organization of the cleaning of the home (before Your arrival and after your tenants).
  • Taking care of the garden (call of the gardener, swimming pool maintenance, watering of plants, etc.).
  • All types of repair (capital, cosmetics, and others).
  • For our clients discounts in the furniture and professional shops, as well as the accompaniment by our employee.
  • Assistance in the installation of Internet, TV, phone.
  • Services of plumbers, electricians and other specialists.


*payment at the rates of the professionals providing these services.

How to get the "VIP-CLIENT" card?

It is very easy! Please, contact us using the contact form “Request” to have the package of services and we will contact you as soon as possible. Full service package costs only 200€ for year !


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